The creator. The Overlord. Scottie the Great. I go by whatever you want to call me really. I've been role playing on and off for the last nine years, and have run various game sites in the past including a previous version or two of Academy X. I love the X-Men, they're my favorite team at Marvel. Spider-Man is my favorite hero, but Cyclops and Rogue are tied for my favorite X-Characters. I'm friendly, only bite if asked, and am always here to offer a friendly ear or helping hand. Possibly cookies too.

Plays: Angel, Beast, Birdy, Cannonball, Cyclops, Deadpool, Exodus
Who am I? I've gone by many a name. Momo, Mo, The Moe, call me what you like, just not Late to Dinner. I've been RP'ing for more years than I can remember, and writing Fanfiction since I was a wee little Mo at the tender age of Ten. I've been following Scotti like some creepy groupie for years, years I tell you! And he hasn't gotten rid of me yet. I like to play the weirdest assortment of characters, as well as writing for more fandoms than I care to admit to. I will always listen to your plot ideas, or if you want to shake a character up a bit, but know that if you come to me, you will probably Mom the heck out of you.

Plays: Aero, Dazzler, Echo, Ecstasy, Gambit
Ing is a political nerd and staffer by day and an RPer by night. She has been RPing for almost a decade, her favorite characters include Jubilee, Wolfsbane, and Husk.

Plays: Blink, Husk, Jubilee, Penchant, Wolfsbane

Welcome to ACADEMY X! All new players must register their characters using the character's CODENAME and must also register an Out of character account using any chosen alike. Players have ONE WEEK to complete applications once they have been posted. We're always seeking characters, both canon and originals alike. ACADEMY X is an alternate universe X-Men RPG that uses the movies, cartoons and comics as inspiration to forge our own stories. Please ask questions if you have any, we're here to help.

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October 2016 Rollover
Posted By: Scottie @ Oct 1 2016, 11:43 AM
Happy October!

It's time for ghouls and ghost and goblins. Putting on a costume and getting buckets full of candy or dancing and drinking or whatever adults do for Halloween. As the leaves begin to change and things get spooky, our game officially rolls into the in game dates of August 1st to August 15th of 2016!

Remember that students are in summer classes at Xavier' ... [more]
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Open & Suggested Characters - 10/01/16
Posted By: Scottie @ Oct 1 2016, 10:57 AM
Sometimes characters go from being played, to being left behind for various reasons. While we keep a list of the adoptable canon characters in the Canon List, sometimes it can be easy to miss when a desired Canon suddenly is on the table once more. So we are starting a new system where twice a mo ... [more]
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Current In-game Time
Posted By: Scottie @ Oct 1 2016, 08:48 AM

All newly created threads for the month will be dated for days between these dates. Any threads that are meant to be dated previous to this time point should be placed within the Flashback forum. All threads from the previous rollovers, dated between July 1 through July ... [more]
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My Gift To You
Posted By: Scottie @ Sep 24 2016, 09:06 PM
So usually the way Birthdays work is that the person who gets older that day gets gifts from others. This birthday will be a little different. For my birthday today, I'm giving you all a gift!

What is that gift you ask?

Well I'm glad you asked Billy! (You're name is Billy right? Never mind, it doesn't matter). The gift I'm giving is this. Starting right n ... [more]
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Discontinuation Of Wip Applications
Posted By: Scottie @ Sep 6 2016, 11:10 AM
Hi all,

Staff has decided that starting effective immediately we will no longer allow Work in Progress/WIP apps to be posted in the Registration area. Only applications that are completed and ready for staff review should be posted on the site. This is to avoid a clog of half finished applications sitting in the Registration area for a week or more.

If you have a WIP app currently i ... [more]
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